Legacy Labradors

Our world renowned Legacy Labradors offer world class breeding, exceptional temperaments, superb scenting ability and intelligence. 

For the business executives, entertainers, professional athletes and discriminating buyers requiring the highest standards in professional obedience.  These dogs are AKC certified and have earned an AKC Obedience Title. They respond reliably on and off leash to both verbal and silent hand commands, and are Public Access Certified. 

Legacy Labradors are true masters of scent.  Their exceptional scenting ability for both low and high blood glucose fluctuations provides around-the-clock peace of mind for diabetics and their family members. 

Incomparable Companionship, Loyalty, Selfless Service and Loving family members are the trademarks of Legacy Labs.

Every Legacy Labrador comes with a licensed veterinarian’s health certificate stating the dog is in excellent condition, and up to date with all required vaccinations.  Documentation is included of x-rays showing hips and elbows have been examined and are free of dysplasia.  Eyes have also been examined and are clear of genetic defects.  

These Labs are hand selected and trained to exact specifications at our facility in California.  Our twenty five plus years of experience training dogs has made our reputation legendary in the business.  If you are seeking the exceptional Diabetic Alert Service Dog, NIDAD is the one company that can provide it, unconditionally guaranteed.


Included with Legacy Labrador Packages:

World-wide delivery to your home.

A two-day handler’s training course in your home.

Service dog equipment, and ID card

Our unconditional guarantee.

Access to professional trainers for the life of your dog.


Call for pricing and availability - (888) 477-6597.