Diabetic Alert Service Dogs

Our state-of-the-art training programs set the industry standard for producing exceptional Diabetic Alert Service Dogs.

Dogs that have been selected for our programs have passed a stringent evaluation process which allows us to provide you with a dog that possess an eagerness to please,  a willingness to work, intelligence, and superb scenting ability. 

We know every client has unique needs, and we deliver optimum solutions to your most complex problems.  We provide you with a custom tailored Diabetic Alert Service Dog.  You can be assured that your dog will arrive ready for the challenge. 

Your Diabetic Alert Service Dog is granted the privilege of Public Access.  With considerate awareness of others around us, our dogs are trained with impeccable manners.  They conduct themselves appropriately in restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, on public transportation and in doctors’ offices.

Advanced directives such as retrieving a blood glucose meter, glucose tablets, or a carbohydrate snack can provide a measure of independence for those living alone.  Adapting innovative solutions to everyday challenges allows for a wide variety of valuable services.

Every dog comes spayed / neutered and up to date with all required vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian. 


Included with your Diabetic Alert Service Dog:

Nation-wide delivery to your home.

A two-day handler’s training course in your home and local area.

Service dog vest and ID card.

Our unconditional guarantee.

Access to professional trainers for the life of your dog.

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